Real Meaning Of Rebel

“How is this name? The Glitter Rebel”, typing this as a text message on WhatsApp to a friend… And she replied, “You are not a rebel, anyways nice name”. I immediately replied, “No. I am”. This made me think what exactly is the meaning of rebel? Is it a synonym of aggression?

Every person is different in their own way. They have different choices, different opinions, different attributes which makes them different from others. If every person will start thinking the way you think, where would be the uniqueness to your personality? You don’t have to imitate others all the time. Why would you, just because they want to see you like them?

In my life, I have come across many people who have tried to let me down only because I don’t behave the way they do. I have a different personality, that too of an introvert.  Earlier I have a fear that people will judge me by the way I behave, the way I am… They still do, that’s what people like to do. Now that I am coming out of my comfort zone, everyone is judging me the way they used to. “What is she doing now? What is she gonna do in her life? Has she started a blog? Why are you so active on social media? Why do you buy so much of makeup?”

Keep doing things which give you happiness. Life is too short to think about others. Come out of your comfort zone and stop worrying about others judgement. Do whatever you like. Be it dancing in the middle of the rain, jumping from a cliff, writing your heart out,.. This is what I am doing now. This is what a rebel means to me..from being an introvert to an ambivert đŸ™‚

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