Hello people! How are you all doing? What’s your favourite thing in your wardrobe? Clothes? Bags? Shoes? Accessories? For me, it’s shoes. We all love to wear shoes anddd I am a complete shoe-holic. We have tons of shoes in our wardrobe from blingy ones to classic ones. In this post, I’ll show you five long-term pairs that are must for every wardrobe.

  1. Heels: Who doesn’t want an extra inch of height to add in their beauty! Short-height as well as long-height girls love to wear heels. Heels are a must for every wardrobe. Heels are available in the form of wedges, peep-toes, stilettoes etc. Perfect for parties, night-out etc. Heels look good with dresses as well as jeans. Here, I have shown my blue wedges bought from shoetree.


2. Ballerinas: Ballerinas are the most comfortable type of shoes. You can wear ballerinas all day long as they don’t hurt much. Perfect for work, day-out, college etc. These go well with most of your western as well as ethnic outfits. The one I have shown below are velvety ballerinas with little bit of wedge. Again these are from shoetree.


3. Jutties: If you live in North India, you must be familiar with this type of shoe. Jutties are widely worn in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. These are available in different styles e.g. simple leather jutti, embroidery jutti, thread-work jutti, bridal jutti etc. These are mostly worn with ethnic wear. But you can never go wrong if you pair these with a western outfit. Here, I have shown my leather thread-work juttis bought from my local market.


4. Boots: Who doesn’t love boots! Boots are the most stylish addition in your wardrobe. Boots come in various styles e.g. ankle length boots, army boots, velvet high length boots etc. Boots look good with western outfits. Here, I have shown my ankle length leather boots bought from shoetree.


5. Sport Shoes: If you are looking for comfortable shoes, then go for sport shoes. These are perfect for casual outings and most importantly your workout. I got these specially for my workout. These ones are from Bata.


So, guys these are my five recommendations for shoes. Thankyou so much for reading. If you find this post interesting, comment down below your favourite type.



Author: Manaswi Tanwar

A Glimpse of my life.. :)

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