Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

Hi guys! How are you all doing? How many of you follow a regular skincare and hair-care routine. Comment down below if you do. Oils are a must for skincare and hair-care. Oils not only provide proper nourishment but also give a nice glow to your body. In this blog post, I’ll talk about the beauty benefits of castor oil.

1. Eyelash: If you have thin eyelashes, castor oil is for you. It is good for eyelashes. Apply castor oil on your eyelashes overnight. Within a month of applying, you can spot the difference. It will help your eyelashes to grow.


2. Eyebrow: If your eyebrows take longer time to grow, you should include castor oil in your beauty regimen. It is good for sparse eyebrows. Apply castor oil on your eyebrows overnight.


3. Anti-ageing: Castor oil is good for anti-ageing issues. If you are above 25, you must include castor oil in your night-time routine. Apply 2-3 drops of castor oil and massage in circular motions.

anti aging

4. Hair growth: Castor oil is good for hair fall, thin hairline and related hair issues. Dilute castor oil by mixing any one of the oil e.g. mustard oil, coconut oil and apply this mixture overnight. This will help to grow your hair back.


5. Healthy skin: If you have acne, pigmentation, sunburn or related issues, castor oil will definitely help you. Apply castor oil on problematic areas.

healthy-skin6. Cuticles: Castor oil is known for healing cuticles. Apply castor oil on dry and cracked cuticles.


Picture Credits: Google Images

So, guys these are the beauty benefits of castor oil. I hope you like this post. If you do, don’t forget to like, comment and share this blog post. Thank you so much for reading.




Author: Manaswi Tanwar

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