Lunar Eclipse|Strawberry Moon Eclipse 2020

Hey guys!

How are you all?

In India, we witnessed lunar eclipse yesterday night. It started at 11.15 PM and ended at 2.34 AM. The eclipse was at its peak at 12.54 AM.

Right from my childhood, I get fascinated by eclipses. I remember a major solar eclipse in my childhood. We used CDs and water to get a glimpse of it. You know we can’t see solar eclipse with naked eyes.

I strictly follow early to bed early to rise rule in my life. But yesterday night I waited till 11.15 PM just to watch lunar eclipse. My brother and I clicked a lot of pictures. We waited for the peak time i.e. 12:54 AM. It was indeed beautiful.

I am sharing few pictures from last night.

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Thank you so much for reading.


Manaswi 🙂

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